PS5: Estimated 10-15% of US Consoles Resold

In case you weren't already aware, the PlayStation 5 -- both the digital version and the one with a disc drive -- has been somewhat hard for folks to get their hands on across the world since releasing late last year. The stock situation, exacerbated by scalpers and resellers, doesn't seem to have a definitive end in sight at this moment. And according to a new analysis of the resale market, an estimated 10-15% of all PS5's sold in the United States have ended up resold online.

These numbers come from data engineer Michael Driscoll, who has been analyzing data on the resale market for next-gen consoles for a couple of months now. The latest report, which goes up to January 16th of this year, scraped data on sold listings from eBay and StockX while estimating data based on listings from OfferUp and the like. In terms of just the eBay/StockX data, which seems far more reliable based on Driscoll's methodology, 7.06% of all PlayStation 5's sold in the United States have ended up resold on those platforms. You can check out more of Driscoll's analysis below:

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