Rockstar Games Falls Victim to Robbery at Toronto Studio

Rockstar Games has been the victim of multiple robberies that occurred near the end of 2020 and at the start of this year. The series of heists all took part at the studio’s office in Toronto, Canada, and resulted in thousands of dollars worth of goods being stolen.

According to the report of the situation from Global News, a single woman was responsible for a variety of robberies that began taking place on December 24, 2020. The woman was still committing theft all the way up until January 23rd before finally being charged for the crimes. In total, it is said that she stole somewhere in the neighborhood of $66,000 items over the course of the month-long robbery spree.

As for what exactly the woman was stealing, it mainly seems to be packages that were being delivered to the office. The thief, who is age 30, stole a number of deliverables that would arrive at Rockstar’s Toronto office. Before anyone at the studio could come pick up the packages, this woman would swipe them for herself.

Apparently, this woman’s series of thefts weren’t tied to just Rockstar Games, either. The person being charged was also found to have stolen a number of other goods in the area as well. Some of this including robbing from a car, taking clothing items like jackets, and even stealing an iPhone that was later used to make purchases at various stores using Apple Pay. As a whole, the woman is said to be facing 18 separate charges. It remains to be seen how this situation will end, but it doesn't seem good for the thief in question.

Fortunately, no one at Rockstar Games itself was hurt or in any danger from this whole situation. While the entire ordeal is definitely a major inconvenience, at least the person in question who was carrying out these crimes has been discovered and appropriately charged.

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