Halo Infinite Beta Confirmed for Later This Year

Back when Halo Infinite was still slated to release in 2020, 343 Industries said that it was planning to hold multiplayer beta sessions for the game in the lead up to launch. Obviously, these plans were later canceled once Infinite was delayed to 2021, but since then, we haven’t heard much about their status moving forward. Fortunately, we have now received confirmation that betas are still in the cards, though we don’t know when they might happen.

In a new blog post on the official Halo website, it was confirmed that beta phases, which 343 refers to as flights, are still set to transpire in the coming months. While the studio has yet to give a specific window as to when these flights could occur, they’ll obviously come after a formal multiplayer reveal actually happens. In the interim, the team is still working on ironing out any bugs that might be present in the current multiplayer build of Halo Infinite.

Speaking specifically to flights, 343’s Sam Hanshaw, who works as a Live Producer at the company, said that this aspect of the game is one of their most anticipated features of the year. “This year I'm excited about getting our flighting program together so people can play some Halo!” Hanshaw said. “We've started spinning up more internal flighting, getting our builds to where we want them and working on our delivery process. Sometimes we run into some difficult situations along the way, but the way teams pull together to get these flights off the ground is inspiring to me and I feel lucky to be part of this team.”

Hanshaw continued on by telling fans that if they want to take part in these Halo Infinite flights for themselves later this year, then they should start taking action right now. “Of course part of the excitement comes from knowing that this is all building towards public flighting later this year, and if people are as excited as I am about that prospect... they should probably opt-in to the Halo Insider program and make sure their profiles and contact information are all up to date,” Hanshaw made clear.

At the moment, it seems like the best chance for these Halo Infinite flights to transpire would be in the summer. Given that all we know for certain is that they’ll be taking place before the game’s launch, which is scheduled for the fall, summer just seems to make the most sense on paper.

Obviously, whenever we do hear more about these Halo Infinite beta periods, we’ll let you know here on ComicBook.com. Until then, you can continue to plan on picking up the game later this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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