Rare Pokemon Charizard Card Fetching Insane Price at Heritage Auctions

A rare Pokemon Base Set Charizard card is now available through Heritage Auctions, and it's already commanding a pretty penny! The PSA GEM MT 10 card is a First-Edition, Shadowless version of the card, and has a current bid of $97,500 with nine days left until the item goes to a live auction, following proxy bidding. Charizard has long been the most sought-after card in the set, and graded versions tend to command very high numbers. It will be interesting to see how much the card ends up at, but it seems this will be out of the price range of most collectors!

An image of the card can be found below.

The Pokemon Base Set released in North America in early 1999. A PSA GEM MT 10 Charizard card was purchased by streamer Logan Paul back in October for $150,000. That card was owned by famed collector "Pawn Stars Gary." Only 100 PSA 10 Charizard cards are known to exist, and Gary owns six of them, following the sale to Logan Paul. Whether or not this card will reach a higher number than Paul paid remains to be seen.

While high-grade Charizard cards have always been a hot item for collectors, Pokemon cards have seen a massive resurgence in interest over the last few months. Some of this can likely be attributed to streamers finding success opening vintage packs on Twitch, including big names like Logan Paul and xQc. Demand is so high, one fan was recently able to sell a set of cards purchased in 2016 for $4,000 for more than $80,000, which he intends to put towards medical school tuition.

The Pokemon TCG has been going strong for nearly 22 years now, attracting fans of all ages. While the game will likely remain a staple of the brand for the foreseeable future, it remains to be seen how long this secondary market interest will last. Regardless, it's clear that Pokemon cards are bigger than they've been in a very long time! It will be interesting to see what this auction commands when it comes to an end, but no matter how much has changed since the original Base Set was released, Charizard clearly remains the card to snag after all these years.

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Insane how much some of these cards go for and to think I use to collect and play with these as a kid.


It's moments like this that always make me regret not keeping any of my cards from when I was younger. Some are selling for insane amounts.


juno I should have kept all of my cards..

Same here... I still have some of my OG cards but got rid of a lot of them...


$97,500 for a pokemon card holy shit balls


Jeez the price is insane. I see why people are so after it, Charizard is still one of the main fav pokemon.


Crazy. I'm not sure which version they're talking about exactly but I had duplicates when I was in 7th grade and I'm almost 34 lol


Pain. So much pain. I got so many cards and idk where lol


I should have kept all of my cards..


God dayum, I remember having a few of them when I was much younger :(

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