Call of Duty Mobile Secretly Nerfs Popular Gun

Call of Duty Mobile players take the on-the-go FPS very seriously, often coming up with loadouts and strategies in the same way as the mainline series. As such, it is no surprise that players noticed when the strongest Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle began functioning differently.

The ASM10 has dominated during Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile, with the AK47-like weapon boasting low recoil and a quick killing speed. Guaranteed to drop foes in just a few shots to the body, the assault rifle has become the most popular gun in its class. However, developer TiMi Studios has made a noticeable change to the weapon, though the nerf does not seem to be mentioned anywhere on the patch notes for the game’s latest update.

The Call of Duty series is not new to secret nerfs, as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s combat knife was changed without warning a few weeks after release. However, it is a bit surprising to see the always communicative developers of Call of Duty Mobile leaving the nerf unmentioned, especially with the open announcement that the dual wield Fennec would be brought down a few pegs. Regardless, Call of Duty Mobile players will be seeing a bit less ammunition in their ASM10 magazines going forward.

Popular Call of Duty Mobile YouTuber BobbyPlays noticed the change when playing the game, and it could give players a bit more trouble unlocking the new Diamond camo for the ASM10. Previously, the weapon held 30 rounds in each clip, but following the patch it only holds 25. A balancing change that was likely made due to the weapon’s incredibly fast killing speed, players will need to equip an extended mag if their playstyle relied heavily on the 30-round clips that the gun previously had.

Fortunately for any ASM10 fans that are fine with a bit less ammo in each clip, there will be no need to switch over to another weapon like the QXR SMG. As shown in BobbyPlays testing, the ASM10 is just as deadly as it has ever been, dropping foes in three shots like it has always done. While the weapon has indeed been secretly nerfed, the changes should not be substantial enough to stop the gun from being used.

With the balancing pass for the ASM10 only making a minor change to the way the gun handles, Call of Duty Mobile’s many fans should not be bothered by the nerf. A wise move to create a fairer game while keeping a fan-favorite gun fun to use, it is hard to think of why the nerf went unmentioned by TiMi Studios.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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i remember playing this a while back, haven't played it since and im kinda glad


Wow I'm surprised of this, but I was glad to see the Fennec nerfed.

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