World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Launches November 23

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands finally arrives on November 23. The pre-expansion event kicks off on November 10, which should give you plenty to occupy your wait.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was originally supposed to be out by now. This would have been everyone’s first weekend with the popular MMO. Of course, that didn’t happen. Activision-Blizzard decided to delay the game to work on polishing up some of the content. At the time, we didn’t know exactly when we’d finally get to jump into Shadowlands, but that all changes today. The team announced that players will finally enter the Shadowlands on November 23. Check it out.

This is great news for anyone wondering what they were going to do with that Cyberpunk 2077-sized hole sitting in their Fall calendar. Now, you have a few weeks to dust off that Hunter and see what World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has on offer. Some of the ideas Blizzard has shown off in the beta seem to be moving the game in the right direction. Hopefully, after this latest round of polish and fine-tuning, they can nail the landing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new expansion without some pre-launch festivities. Players will have to deal with a new Scourge invasion starting November 10. This pre-expansion event should have plenty to keep you occupied while you wait. Players will also be happy to hear that Shadowlands‘ first raid Castle Nathria will start to open on December 8. That date also marks the start of Mythic Dungeons and PvP Season 1.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launches on November 23 for PC. Be sure to hop in next month to check out the pre-expansion event and get yourself prepped for your journey to the Shadowlands.

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Shadowlands is going to be a mess. I doubt the delay is going to fix all the issues.


Super exciting! Can't wait to try out this new adventure