New PlayStation Patent Possibly Hints at PS5 Reveal Date

According to a glut of reports, rumors, and leaks, the PlayStation 5 reveal event is going down in February. When in February, nobody seems to know, but everyone seems to be betting their grandmother's timeshare in Cocoa Beach that the PS5 reveal event will go down in February, just like the PS4 reveal event did. That said, a new development, or more specifically a new patent, seems to suggest the PS5 reveal event is indeed going down next month and will compete against the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. More specifically, Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed an application for the PS5 trademark in Europe, which to many signals it's getting ready to unveil the bad boy. As you may know, we've already seen the logo, but we haven't seen the console yet.

The trademark was filed yesterday with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, and unfortunately doesn't really divulge any salient details other than what's already been mentioned. According to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property's listing of the patent, the application was filed under three different sections: 9, 28, and 41, which includes games, game discs, and game consoles.

Now, it's possible this is nothing more than Sony covering its bases. After all, it has already filed the trademark in the United State. However, this is the first time it's filed for such a trademark in Europe. And when you combine it with the above rumors, reports, and leaks, well there seems to be something to all the speculation.

As you may know already, Sony has already confirmed it won't be at E3 this year (again). In other words, we already know the PS5 reveal event is going to be a thing, because Sony won't be revealing it or talking about the console at E3. That said, for now, the PlayStation makers haven't said a word about when the console will be revealed, nor have they even hinted at such an event.

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r u m o r s e a s o n. Reveal doesn't really mean much more than looking. Overhype is real this year.

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