Rumour: Skinny PS3 for E3?

Playstation 3. Not only that, but more this model could be cheaper as well.
Earlier, we reported that developers have been asking for a price cut for some time now, and with E3 around the corner, looks like could be a possibility.
If this is true, who knows what they actually did to it to make the console smaller in size. If I had to take a guess, I would say they found some new way to cool down the Cell Processor that is inside.



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if these are cheap id really consider selling my blu ray dvd for one.


i very much doubt they will have ps3 slim, its got to fit all the bluray drive n hdd and crap in it... lol,

but it will be good if it happens.




I hope it is cheap cuz i might want one


i am glad they need a price cut it is way overated


thats going to be aswome now maybe i can fit it in my room lol


wow... the smaller it is the easiyer it brakes... like get forreal


Finally we don't have to deal with the overheating or buying the fans for the PS3!!!


Why must Sony always release a smaller version of a console, if they go through the trouble of making a smaller console later they could've saved time by just making a small one in the first place!


sweet, can't wait for E3

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