Facebook caves to user demands over layout

If you were one of the many who signed an online petition or joined a group over the distaste of the new Facebook layout; good news has arrived. The Facebook team has announced that they will alter the new layout based on feedback that they have received over the last two weeks.

The original goal of the new layout was to offer a similar format to rival twitter. But when a group on Facebook reached 45,000 people who said that they hated the new layout and an online petition reached 1.7 million signatures, the Facebook team got the memo.

"Facebook said that it will make changes to the site based on the thousands of pieces of feedback it has received since its latest revamp. In the Facebook Blog, Chris Cox, Facebook's director of product, wrote that a number of specific areas of concern will be addressed: The site will add more control and relevance in the stream; highlights will update more frequently and will show more content; and design changes will help users locate features and apps more easily."

No specific timeline was given about when the updates will occur but at least it is known that the Facebook team does listen to its users and recognizes the feedback they received.



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