Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Testing Expanded to More Users

Microsoft has expanded the availability of its new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate product to more users as it moves closer towards a wide release of the bundle. The service was previously only available to a small group of Xbox Insiders, but it’s now open to more of those feature testers now that any Xbox Insider who’s part of the Preview Beta can participate. That makes three different types of Xbox Insiders who can access it so far, a positive sign that shows it must be testing well.

It was announced in a post on the Xbox Wire that these additional Xbox Insiders could now test the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. There’s still no known release date for the full release of the new deal, but it’s still planned for a launch that’s taking place later this year, the post said.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate was announced several weeks ago in the Inside Xbox episode shown in the video above. Just as the name of the product suggests, it’s the unification of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. Instead of paying for the two separately, both can be bought together for the rate of $14.99 a month. It’s a product the community requested since many people were subscribing to both anyways.

“We heard you. Today, we’re excited to announce Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” Microsoft said when service was first announced.. “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include all of the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass. That means the full Xbox Game Pass library of over 100 high quality games, and Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer, in one convenient membership for $14.99 a month. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, gamers will be able to play together on the most-advanced multiplayer network and discover their next favorite game.”

If you’re an Xbox Insider who’s part of the Preview Beta program and are interested in trying out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the latest Xbox Wire post has more info on what happens to your existing subscriptions.

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Good that they're are testing things out, worth it 100%


suprised they didnt release this full spread sooner


Pretty cool glad they're expanding and testing things out


Well cool they are gearing up

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