Borderlands 3 Will Most Likely Not Have DLC Vault Hunters

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford reveals that Borderlands 3 will most likely not receive Vault Hunter DLC after the launch of the main game.

GEarbox CEO Randy Pitchford is well-known for being extremely vocal and active on Twitter, answering many fans’ questions on various titles, including the upcoming Borderlands 3. A recent answer to an inquiry from a fellow Twitter user revealed some interesting information about the long-awaited third installment to the well-loved franchise:

It looks like the development team and Pitchford himself feels it’s best to focus on developing and expanding on the current cast of characters, rather than trying to cram even more Vault Hunters into the game. This means that DLC related to new hunters is most likely out of the question, and according to the CEO their internal data supports this decision.

Although, and this is important to note, Pitchford didn’t outright state they would never release that kind of content for Borderlands 3. So it’s still a possibility, albeit a far off one. Honestly I support the decision to hold back on releasing new hunters, as fleshing out existing characters is always better for the lore and the overall quality of the game.

However, the game will feature microtransactions for cosmetic apparel as clarified by 2K Games. The game itself will take roughly 30 hours to complete if players only focus on the main path. You can check out the first gameplay trailer for Borderlands 3 which reveals new mechanics, loot changes, and hub locations.

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I'm sure we'll see some later on down the line.


It will happen later in the game, months after launch. Nothing he says notes they won't do it later.


I think if they have any dlc it will be worth it.


oh man I liked the dlc vault hunters


This is good news but I don't mind if they brought the vault hunters later in the games lifespan


Glad to see they are focusing on the main game and expanding that first.


Good to see them focus on the main game first


At least they are focusing on the main game itself, and not all the extras just yet.

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