Call of Duty 2019 Is Reportedly A Lot Like The Old Modern Warfare

Recently, a bunch of college football players were invited to play this year's unannounced Call of Duty from Infinity Ward, commonly referred to as Call of Duty 2019. And apparently in addition to some college players, NFL star Marcus Mariota also played the new installment, which according to him, is like the original Modern Warfare. More specifically, today during a Fortnite stream with popular streamer NICKMERCS, Mariota was asked what his favorite Call of Duty game is, which is when he spilled the beans about the 2019 entry.

According to Mariota, his favorite Call of Duty is the original Modern Warfare, which is a favorite of many. But rather than leave it at that, the quarterback added that he recently played "the new one," which is apparently like the old Modern Warfare titles and "pretty dope."

Unfortunately, Mariota didn't divulge any more details on the game, but from the sounds of it, it's going to be a new Modern Warfare, which lines-up with previous reports and leaks that have claimed Infinity Ward is cooking up Modern Warfare 4.

As you may know, the new Call of Duty has been pitched as not only a very ambitious project, but Activision believes it will be one of the best Call of Duty games of all-time. The entry has also generally been teased as a leap forward for the series that will maintain what makes the newer releases popular, but ground all of it in what Call of Duty fans loved about the games from yesteryear.

As for details on the game, we really don't have any other than that it likely won't come packing a battle royale mode or specialists. However, it will bring back the single-player campaign, a new co-op mode, and of course traditional mulitplayer.

Infinity Ward's new Call of Duty has yet to be officially announced, but that should change soon, after all, this is the time of the year that Activision normally unveils said year's entry.

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Can't wait, if it is like anything like the olds games I have a lot of old friends who will jump back on the comp scene


I want to be happy about this but the same has been said before about other CoDs and it turned out to be a let down


They say the same stuff every year. Unless it looks like Mw2, I won't be getting it at launch. I'll wait until the hype is over and see if people are still playing.... well probably not but I say that now!


I really hope this is true.


I'll believe it when I actually see it. Not gonna put hope in one's words.


Didn't they say that about the newest ones lmao


I personally enjoyed Black Ops 4. I haven't played it in ages because they ruined ranked play imo. Hopefully this one will be even better.


With all these 6 million modern warfare leaks i think the next cod will be roblox 2


I hope itll be as nostalgic as COD Remastered!


This.... Gives me so much hope...!