Dead or Alive 6 Runs At 1080p on PS4 Pro, 4K on Xbox One X

Koei Tecmo has finalized the resolutions for Dead or Alive 6, at least for those planning to run it on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. In a statement to WCCF Tech, Team Ninja stated that the PS4 Pro version would run in 1080p resolution. The Xbox One X can hit a maximum resolution of 4K.

The developer stated that, “PlayStation 4 Pro enables 1080p resolution maintaining the processing speed, and the quality of stages and effects will be higher than on the base PS4. On the other hand, Xbox One X will reach a maximum resolution of 4K which is different from the base Xbox One. It’s impossible to maintain 60fps at all times with 4K resolution, but you’ll enjoy beautiful graphics.

“There are some options to prioritize graphics or action so you can choose which one you prefer.” Such options could be found in Nioh on the PS4, which Team Ninja also developed, so it’s not strange to see them return in Dead or Alive 6.

What is strange is that there won’t be support for high dynamic range lighting (HDR) in the PC version. Only those playing on the Xbox One X will have HDR support which is an interesting choice since the best PCs will likely offer better frame rate performance. We’ll see how the different versions compare in due time though. Dead or Alive 6 releases on March 1st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC after being delayed from its original February date.

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Love the Xbox and that 4k.


All upscaled tho so what's the difference


its 1080p on both everyone knows the one x also upscales, its uses the same god damn cpu and igpu, just slightly oced so its going to be just upscaled checkerboarding since the slim is 1080p and original one(2013) is 900p when ps4 was 1080 and the slim was 1080p as well and the pro was upscale aka checkerboarding 4k


kinda shows the xbox one x beats the pro in raw power

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