Black Ops 4 Blackout bug spawns all 100 players in the last circle

A few unlucky Black Ops 4 players loaded into a Blackout match to find a very bizarre situation waiting for them.

Reddit user bwg11 and a few others were matchmade into a game of Black Ops 4 Blackout they thought would be normal.

After the lobby countdown ended, everyone found themselves dropping into the final circle. The 20 or so minutes of Blackout’s early, and mid-game had been cut, and the game skipped straight to the end. Naturally, most players died outside the zone the second they touched the ground, since damage at that point would have been fatal.

Those who managed to land in the zone tried to find anything to defend themselves with, and needless to say, chaos ensued. This is the first time any of these players had seen this bug, and it’s funny to watch everyone panic, unsure of what’s going on.

Unfortunately, the match didn’t proceed as normal, at least for the Reddit user in question. Bwg11 received a connection error and was kicked right back to the Blackout menu.

It would have been amazing if they were actually allowed to see the full round through to the end, but things looked too laggy and jittery for anyone to have fun, which is likely why the server kicked everyone out.

Watch the full thing below:

That Awkward When 100 People Are In The Last Circle from r/Blackops4

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i had this bug a month back although it kinda looked like I joined mid game.


I would have loved to watch a livestream of this bug and to see it till the game finished. It would be hilarious to see people scrambling for guns just wondering what the **** is going on lol


That be pretty intressting to expierence


Seems like a pretty annoying bug, especially since it happened out of no where.


ReckzXPP I hope I encounter this man I would love to drop 30 plus kills and break my record of 21

Yes becuse that will happen for you, you'll just drop in, be the only guy to get a gun, then everyone will stand still and let you kill them. Sounds awesome would like to beat my current record at 22


I hope I encounter this man I would love to drop 30 plus kills and break my record of 21


Very strange bug. They should implement a new modes to Blackout that could feature faster paced games such as this, obviously not as hectic though, don't think their servers can handle 12 people in close quarters let alone 100.

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