E3: Modern Warfare 3 footage streets of Manhattan 13 minutes

Over 13 minutes of Modern Warfare 3! Get ready for the invasion with this lengthy gameplay demo from E3 2011! Infinity Ward has revealed the first ever gameplay video for their sure to be monster hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. How’s it look? jump to the read more for the video



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-CoD- This looks 10x better than BF3.

Really? The water effects are shitty, let alone the explosions. CoD fails. Admit it fanboy, youre going down
Are you dumb? You cant expect CoD to have superb graphics. Also don't call people fanboys. You're one too.

Haha oh no!!! The water graphics are slightly worse than bf3. End of the world! The games now officially terrible!

Slightly worse is a major understatement. Compare BFBC2 and MW2. BFBC2 graphics wreck it, and so does the gameplay (For me personally, does not apply to everyone) Now compare the Pre-Alpha gameplay footage for BF3 and the gameplay footage for MW2 (I'm sorry 3). BF3 is using a newer better engine than the first frostbite and MW3 is still using its same old engine. Its obvious which game will look better.


I seriously skipped the firefights! They are all the same... The M4 still has no thud to it. It sounds so weak! They really need some new sounds, and new guns.

If I skip through the *NEW* video because I've already seen stuff like that. Then its not good


Wow i like the new MW2 DLC. Wait this a Completely new game??? oh


Looks like MW2, but an alright singleplayer


Same guns. new attachments... Same sounds... Same Explosions.. same physics.... ehhh i think ill be getting battlefield for the PC And the Xbox since i wont be buying cod mw3


After watching this video, I'm going to buy my first BF game ever. And this is coming from a guy who owns all the other CoDs......


chillen420 Basically cod release the same old gave every other year. Just with a new campaign, new maps, and some new guns. They never seem to add big ingredients to the cooking bowl. Thats why i am buying Battlefield 3 this year. BF3 FTW

I agre with you.


Have you saw the difference from like COD4 to BO. Yes there is a big different. Create your own title and shit, all new game modes, buy things etc. This game (MW3) will be different too.


Awigglypp Any one who says this game looks like [email protected] needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves do you really wanna play black ops for the next two years ( i know id rather stab my in the face with a rusty screw driver than play black ops) black ops shouldn't even have the words call of duty in front of it , i say bring on mw3 that way we can move past how bad black ops

i bet your above prestige level 1!

everyone who **** about CoD:BO bought it and still plays it.

i know one guy who bought it, and took it back the next day.

he only says, he did not like it, end of story.

Do you know whats funny. Yes i did buy it the day it came out because i didnt no it was gonna blow but guess what. I dont play it now and i am only a lvl 39. Suck my dick kid. I bet more people play Mw2 but they have black ops. GTFO.


This did not impress me one bit. There are no new animations, guns, or new guns sounds to this game at all. The M4A1 sounds the same. The thumper sounds the same. Who puts a scope on the thumper? The duel scope is a lame idea. Please dont let this be the whole game.


this game looks great, but call of duty really hasnt changed in the past 3-4 years with multiplayer gameplay at all. Yea theres new graphics and new guns, but all in all, there is going to be one over powered gun similar to the famas which everyone is going to use. I want to see something big come out of MW3, not just new guns and maps