Modern Warfare 3 New Ranking System Teased

It has been revealed that Modern Warfare 3′s Spec Ops mode will feature a ranking system that will unlock new weapons as you progress.
Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling confirmed;
“Yes sir, Spec Ops will have its own progressive ranking system allowing you to unlock weapons, gear, killstreaks”
This time round Infinity Ward are really pushing the Spec Ops mode and expanding it from its debut in Modern Warfare 2.
“Spec Ops in MW3 is massive containing some of everything, from missions
to survival mode using MP locations, SP locations, & more,”




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CoD 4 MP5 is back... straight wreckage, dat gun was hot......


just hope it is as good as the rest of the CoD's


XXATAWXX10 one man army plz:D

Common tuber,when he starts losing all sniping battles he will take out OMA and Danger Close then drop a few tubes.No OMA or Danger Close :)


one man army plz:D


Intervention pweaseeeee


AHHHHHHHH mw3 ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Idk about this NEW ranking system. I think its gonna make the game trash. In my opinion if MW3 was more like CoD 4 it would be a great game.
I have yet to see a MW game top cod 4.


As long as we don't gave to boy the guns I'm fine.


well aslog as the games are good and maybey some more gamemodes


I usually dont post comments but you guys are overseeing 2 main points why they cant exactly copy each other, one they are both owned by the same company Activision, second the new game starts production as soon as the current game is finished there fore most details are unknown to the other studio.

Im actually anxious to see how the studios add on to each other each year

MW2 and Black Ops set the bar high and i wanna see if MW3 can meet and rise the bar

My personal favorite ones are MW and [email protected] then followed by Black Ops and the MW2 (