Microsoft and Razer May Be Bringing Keyboard, Mouse Support

Leaked documents have surfaced that suggest Microsoft and Razer are supposedly working together to bring a keyboard and mouse option and support to the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s console currently doesn’t allow for keyboard and mouse support across hardly any of its games, Minecraft being one of the notable exceptions where players can build as they would on the PC version. The control scheme is a point of contention among players and developers due to the level of control that keyboard and mouse users would have compared to those using a traditional controller, especially when it comes to competitive games like shooters.

Microsoft has said in the past that keyboard and mouse support is coming while adding that the feature had to be implemented smartly, and according to documents obtained by Windows Central, it seems that plans for the feature are moving right along. Windows Central shared images such as the one below that were reportedly featured in a Microsoft presentation where the company spoke to developers about the potential of the Razer Turret, an attractive option for Xbox One players who game from the comfort of their couch.

The report from Windows Central added that it was unclear if these plans are still in the works or not with the documents showing only what Microsoft was presenting earlier in the year, but there were additional details shared with developers regarding the limitations that can be put on the control scheme. Features of the mouse were also discussed as well along with some multiplayer-centered info.

Mouse Features
Support for up to 5 buttons
Support for wheel movement (horizontal and vertical)
Ability to query for mouse capabilities
Ability to report absolute pointer location
Ability to report relative pointer movement
Ability to set cursor glyph and visibility
New API for polling the above data

Game Balance and Multiplayer
Multiplayer balance is completely up to the title
Presence of keyboard/mouse can be queried
Keyboard/mouse vs gamepad usage should be monitored throughout gameplay
Highly suggested that usage of mouse/keyboard be used as part of the matchmaking rules

Introducing USB Mouse Support
Support for all the USB mice supported by Windows
Includes most dongle based wireless devices
No support for custom drivers or Bluetooth
Uses the same APIs as mouse on UWP

These features mean that developers could limit access to mouse and keyboard support on their titles, so it’s best to temper expectations when it comes to using the PC controls in the platform’s more competitive games.

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Im not sure whether this is a good thing or bad thing lol.


Microsoft already has keyboard/mouse support with an adapter, but it will be nice to use razer products.


Only just started using Keyboard and Mouse, so this would be kind of cool for sure.


Hope so! Its already in a few games, and mouse support is avaliable in even more but the Keyboard just doesn't work too well yet. Then i can get better at K & M while playing with friends on XB and having fun


This would be awful, would ruin the playing field for a lot of games. All for it for non-multiplayer sections though


This is excellent news! Always wanted to get into using mouse and keyboard.


will ruin the playing field..

not a fan of this.


Yay! Its about time to be honest.


FINALLY!!! I was thinking microsoft was forgetting about this. I was really hoping for corsair support; but this might encourage other companies to reach out to Microsoft. I really want my corsair lights to work.


I think this is the stupidest idea in the world. Consoles use controllers. Its funny, because consoles just keep adding stuff that PC players have been using. It seems like Consoles just keep getting more and more like PCs. The one reason I liked consoles was that I could go play games on my Xb/Ps4 and play with a controller, it felt good switching it up also it was nice knowing no one was using a mouse/keyboard. Seriously with them adding this, GG if you still going to use a controller. You will get Destroyed, with a capital "D". Just but a damn PC at this point. Lol I do have a PS4 pro and it literally just sits on my self-getting dusty waiting for some exclusive game that I like to come out.

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