Battlefield V Gameplay Videos Show Grand Operations

After yesterday’s EA Play Press Conference that introduced us to the new Battlefield V multiplayer trailer, and even the announcement of Origin Access Premier, several YouTube users released Battlefield V gameplay videos.

All the videos are playing on the Grand Operations mode that we already saw in action through NVIDIA‘s YouTube channel. So I’ve compiled a small list of some of the videos I’ve seen to hit the official Twitter.

MoonLiteWolf – In this video, we see a focus on squad gameplay, with orders being assigned, medals being awarded for performing actions such as resupplying squad members, and we also get to see the command wheel. We see a squad member get shot down and turn around on his back as he reaches out to MoonLiteWolf for aid. A quick stab in the arm and the squad member is revived.

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So hyped for Battle Field V, trailer looks amazing and just getting me even more excited.


This game looks amazing and cant wait to play it but wish that they still had helis and such in game.


Grand operations really sounds awesome, I'm hoping this game isn't like BF1, I didn't hate the game, but I got bored of it so quickly.


I can see this being the next big battlefield game, BF1 was okay but BF3 and 4 were way better.


So hyped for this game. Almost can't wait. Haven't been this hyped for a game since BF3 dropped.


BF1 wasn't great imo but i was a huge fan of 4,3 and hardline and not to forgot bad co 2. Hoping i can enjoy this one too as it looks to be pretty awesome from what we've seen so far