Battlefield V Gameplay Videos Show Grand Operations

After yesterday’s EA Play Press Conference that introduced us to the new Battlefield V multiplayer trailer, and even the announcement of Origin Access Premier, several YouTube users released Battlefield V gameplay videos.

All the videos are playing on the Grand Operations mode that we already saw in action through NVIDIA‘s YouTube channel. So I’ve compiled a small list of some of the videos I’ve seen to hit the official Twitter.

MoonLiteWolf – In this video, we see a focus on squad gameplay, with orders being assigned, medals being awarded for performing actions such as resupplying squad members, and we also get to see the command wheel. We see a squad member get shot down and turn around on his back as he reaches out to MoonLiteWolf for aid. A quick stab in the arm and the squad member is revived.

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Grand operations really sounds awesome, I'm hoping this game isn't like BF1, I didn't hate the game, but I got bored of it so quickly.


I can see this being the next big battlefield game, BF1 was okay but BF3 and 4 were way better.


So hyped for this game. Almost can't wait. Haven't been this hyped for a game since BF3 dropped.


BF1 wasn't great imo but i was a huge fan of 4,3 and hardline and not to forgot bad co 2. Hoping i can enjoy this one too as it looks to be pretty awesome from what we've seen so far