Radical Heights Female Characters Teased In New Image

In case you missed it, a new free-to-play battle-royale game from LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions, dubbed Radical Heights, stealth-launched onto PC via Steam Early Access this past week.

And in less than a week, the title appears to be gaining momentum and traction in the genre and industry at large. And with more and more players, comes more and more attention. And with more attention, more critique.

By and large, players who dove in to test out the game have come out with mostly positive things to say. Given the game is the product of only a few months of work – in "X-TREME Early Access" as Boss Key calls it – it is a little bare bones, but that should be expected.

No, most of the critique has not been lodged at the game's quality, it has been at the fact that it currently doesn't have playable female characters.

While many didn't blink an eye at the omission, some people criticized the title and its developers for only having male avatars available at launch. A female option reads as “coming soon” in the game, but this was apparently not enough for it to duck some criticism from certain corners of the Internet.

That all said, today, co-founder of Boss Key and director on the game, Cliff Bleszinski (the creator of Gears of War), issued a tweet teasing female characters for the first time.

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Source: http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/04/15/radical-heights-female-characters-teased-revealed/


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These charters look sexy asf, maybe a new girlfriend ?


ZTG Is the surge of this game a troll? I've never played a game so broken and just downright terrible, it makes Fortnite look good.

But fortnite is the best Battle Royale game when it comes to having fun


I haven't played Radical Heights but I've seen some gameplay it looks pretty fun it does have potential it just needs more improvements which will take time. I'm sure people that like to play with female characters are thrilled.


MrMw209 This game looks really bad

It actually really fun. Very easy to get into and play.


Not tried radical heights yet but will definitely try it out once its more up to date and in better condition.


This game looks really bad


Cool for the game but I haven't even played it. I don't see it going anywhere to be honest.


Is the surge of this game a troll? I've never played a game so broken and just downright terrible, it makes Fortnite look good.