Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Opens Up About Building Their First Party Games

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are phenomenal consoles, but both offer a very different experience. There's no doubt that the Sony platform has more exclusives and is the perfect choice for those that love RPGs, JRPGs, and stunning single-player narratives. That's not to say that Xbox doesn't offer some phenomenal games as well, but their biggest claim to fame lies within the shooting genre. Halo, Gears of War, even Mass Effect was an Xbox exclusive to begin with. But Xboss Phil Spencer has been turning the company into something bigger since he took over and continues to set his sights on how to make it the ultimate gamer's platform.

Spencer is known for being incredibly transparent with fans and impressively interactive on social media. With the resounding praise arriving for PS4's God of War, even from Spencer himself, one Xbox player took to Twitter to ask the man himself whether Xbox will provide an equally impressive first party title. He's been honest about working towards that goal, but as mentioned in his reply; it takes time:

We love seeing the focus on single-player titles in a market where it seems online gameplay is taking over. Phil Spencer has done incredibly well since taking over the Xbox brand, steering it back into the direction of "for gamers, by gamers." Though everyone has a preference, no one loses when all platforms compete to be the very best they can be. If all consoles can inspire each other to take the experience to the next level, we as gamers win.

With State of Decay 2 on the horizon and Gears of War 5 teased several times already, we are curious as to see what new IPs they have in store. With E3 just a short few months away, it will be interesting to see how the shift in focuses changes this year compared to 2017.

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Party games sounds fun, cant wait for this.


Im looking forward to what they gon cook up


Looking forward to see what they do.


This is possible the best news ive heard about xbox RPGS


This could revolutionize Xbox, Im all for it!


Can't wait to see some type of RPG exclusive for Xbox come out. I wonder what direction they will take it though even if it's far in the future.