PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' War Mode Ends Today

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ latest Event Mode that pits three 10-person squads against each other is ending later today.

The newest edition of the rotating Event Modes called War was added on April 12 where the schedule said that it would end today on April 15. It’s currently scheduled to end at 7 p.m. tonight, so those who haven’t played it yet or just want to get in as much War as possible can do so tonight before the event ends.

Aside from the player count change that brings the number down from 100 players to just 30 assuming all squads have a full team, the mode also adds something that’s new to PUBG: Respawns. War is basically a three-team deathmatch where players earn points for their teams for different actions. The first team to reach 200 points will win the match, but there’s also a 15-minute time limit to make sure games don’t drag on for too long.

At the time that the event was announced, the full rules and details of how War would work were shared through the official forums, all of those details seen below. The trailer above also gives an idea of what War will look like, but be sure to try it out if you haven’t yet before it ends today.


  • All players are grouped up in teams of 10. Each game will have a max of 30 players (three full teams).
    • Please note that there can be a team with less than 10 players depend on the matchmaking situation.
  • Immediately after the plane gets into the air, the safe zone is visible on the map.
  • The safe zone is extremely small and never closes in or changes location throughout the duration of the game.
  • Getting kills earns points for your team. The first team to get 200 points wins.
    • Kill: +3 points
    • DBNO: +1 point
    • Revive: +1 point
    • Team kill / Team DBNO: -5 points
  • If no team reaches 200 points before the 15-minute time limit, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner (winner).
  • Every time you’re killed, you’ll respawn in another plane.

    • All players are guaranteed to spawn with the equipment below:
      • One random AR or DMR equipped
      • One random pistol
      • Level one helmet
      • Level one vest
      • One grenade
      • Additional loot can be found in buildings and in care packages which drop every 90 seconds.


    • Weather is locked at “sunny.”
    • You can invite up to 10 players from your friends list to your party before jumping into game
      • The rest of team slots will be filled by matching slotts
    • Killer spectating is disabled.
    • Redzone is disabled.

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    Shame i didnt get to play this in time


    Even though this is completely different than Battle Royale, this was a great idea. I'd love to see team v team v team in more games.