NES Cartridges Full of Drugs Found By Game Collector

Someone found drugs hidden inside some NES Cartridges. Yes, actual drugs, in actual NES Cartridges.

The lucky person to unearth such a discovery: a collector of retro video games by the name of Julian Turner, who after purchasing some old NES games last month, opened them up, and found some on-the-house courtesies.

More specifically, Turner stumbled across two games packed with drugs – one copy of Rollergames and one copy of Golf.

As soon as the collector got home he quickly noticed something was amiss. First off, the copy of Rollergames was the European/Australian version, which aren't quite common in a flea market in the United States.

Both cartridges also felt heavy. Too heavy. So Turner weighed them and discovered they were both 50 percent heavier than they should have been.

With evidence piling up that these weren't just your dad's copies or Rollergames and Golf, he unscrewed the backs of both cartridges to deduce what was making them so heavy. And lo and behold, four plastic bags pack full of drugs.

Turner called the cops.

At the moment of writing this, what drugs were inside have not been divulged. The aforementioned cops also investigated the flea market where the cartridges were purchased, but it appears the drugs have been in there for quite some time. As you would expect. Nobody uses NES Cartridges anymore, it's all about those PS Vita cartridges now.

Interestingly, following this incident, Turner turned to the Internet to gather further information on whether or not this was a freak occurrence, or something that has happened in the past. What the game collector dug up was that his situation isn't that unique. Another copy of Golf had previously been found stuffed with $5,000 bills dating back to the 80s.

As they say, Golf for the NES didn't choose the life of hustle, the life of hustle chose it.

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MrMw209 Wow how did he relise id freak out

He weighed them and realized the weight was wayyyy off.


Wow how did he relise id freak out


Damn, lucky guy, I need to get my hands on a few golf cartridges! Either free money or free drugs lol


My favorite tweet from this article, you'll only understand if you're old enough.

Blow in the cartridge.


That would be one crazy find!