State of Decay 2 trailer is about resource-crafting & zombie-throwing

State of Decay 2’s new gameplay trailer helps you brush up on everything the series has to offer.

The original State of Decay was an impressively solid game that captured almost everything the zombie survival genre had to offer – up to and including the brutal deaths of your favorite characters. Going by a new trailer Undead Labs revealed for PAX East, State of Decay 2 will have more of the same, alongside some gameplay tweaks and polished visuals.

The trailer effectively condenses the information from State of Decay 2’s previous 20 minute gameplay trailers into a snack-sized summary. Players will try to survive on a large and remote map filled to the brim with zombies. You’ll have access to a wide range of skilled characters who can be recruited to your survival communities, leveled-up, and promoted to leadership roles. Characters also have all kinds of zombie-killing methods at their disposal, from stealth kills, to open gunplay, to running them over with your vehicles.

Oh, and you can literally pick up unsuspecting zombies and hurl them into the horde. That looks fun!

While the trailer doesn’t specifically cover State of Decay 2’s co-op mechanics, there’s enough to help fans of the original get excited. The reworked visuals and animations are smoother than what the original offered, and the gameplay easy to jump into without comprising State of Decay 1’s zombie survival foundation. All told, that’s something to look forward to.

State of Decay 2 launches for PC and Xbox One on May 22, 2018.

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This looks like a fun game to play with friends :D


Can't wait to play coop on this I hope this game isn't a disappointment


I'm really interested to see more from the crafting feature. If it is what i think it is i'm going to love this game.


Glad they aren't trying to completely change this games gameplay from the first one. Trailer looks awesome, especially the zombie throwing lmao