It’s Official, Fortnite Is Getting a Vending Machine

A few days ago, we posted a story about a Fortnite player who found something quite shocking during their most recent session with the game – no, not a mega rocket launcher, or even a way to ride the rockets (which, by the way, you can totallydo). Instead, they found a really surprising item – a vending machine.

According to the original story, the vending machine doesn’t carry the usual array of snacks or drinks, but instead dispenses weapons and manages to take wood for purchases.

With the hidden item being found, many players began speculating and wondered, “Hey, when are we getting an official vending machine?” Well, surprise, it’s a lot sooner than we thought.

Fortnite Intel recently reported that a new in-game message that appears in Fortnite has confirmed that the Vending Machine will be on the way for all. The screenshot below indicates that the Vending Machine is coming soon, and will allow you to “Trade in spare materials for extra gear!”, which sounds like that wood-in-exchange-for-weapons system will be a go when it officially launches.

Epic Games hasn’t said anything about the Vending Machine just yet, but considering that it’s advertising it in-game, it’s probably just a matter of time before players will be able to discover it (more commonly this time) and start to stockpile on the goods they need to win the round.

That doesn’t mean players can’t look for the Vending Machine in the meantime. As the original story noted, “We mentioned that this vending machine is hidden. It's so hidden, in fact, that you're not even supposed to be able to see it or access it. As you can see, the player in the video was booted from a match and ended up falling and glitching through the bottom of the Battle Royale map. Here, in a strange polygonal purgatory underneath the war-ravaged soil between Dusty Depot and Tilted Towers.” More details can be found in the original story.

It sounds like the Vending Machine will be just what players need when it comes to getting some new gear and turning the tide in their favor during their next Battle Royale match. We’ll let you know when Epic Games confirms its official inclusion into the game, but it won’t be long. Save up that wood!

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Great to see this added! Didn't think the one word reply awesome would have cut it.


kamilca Im just going to smash the vending machines

That's what im thinking of doing lol

Same here thats the best option


kamilca Im just going to smash the vending machines

That's what im thinking of doing lol


Lol can't wait to see one of these in game, can't wait to learn more about them like rarity and what weapons come out


Lol this will be a pretty cool edition. Que up for your items lads.


Im just going to smash the vending machines


MrSgaglione This is legit not clickbait Load up your game and hit news

Nah, the image is clickbait though. It shows the items costing V-Bucks instead of material like it is supposed to.


This is legit not clickbait Load up your game and hit news


nothing like a good old clickbait image to make it look like fortnite is going pay2win

very cool

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