Ubisoft Pledges to Continue Supporting Nintendo Switch

During Ubisoft’s quarterly investor conference call, Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot and Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez talked about the publisher’s outlook on the Nintendo Switch.

Martinez mentioned during the prepared remarks that Ubisoft is “very pleased” by the performance of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which was the best-selling third-party game on the Switch in 2017, also adding that the success of its release in Japan confirms this trend. Thanks to the Switch’s “strong momentum” the game should benefit from long-lasting sales, and Ubisoft is the “clear third-party leader” on Switch, and they intend to continue to build on the “great ten-year-plus relationship with Nintendo.”

Later in the Q&A Guillemot confirmed that the relationship with Nintendo “continues to grow,” and the publisher is “very happy” with what was achieved with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Just Dance was also a big seller on the Switch. He added that in the future they’re “going to do more things,” but can’t provide further details for now.

Recently, we learned that Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sold 114,059 copies in Japan, after debuting in first place, and staying in the top-five for a few weeks.

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The switch is a cool device tbh. But not many people like it. It's like a psp. But updated.


Izuku glad they are going to keep support the switch, hope they release some big titles on it

from what Ubisoft has been pushing out in the last 2 years, I can see some great games coming to the Switch.


glad they are going to keep support the switch, hope they release some big titles on it


if they plan to continue support for the hybrid wheres steep then game should be out now hell they should port their other games like siege(a game that anything can run at 30fps) hell the division with playdough(2016 graphics) would be good but you know they will give use the shitty games that the wiiu got


Famous They give it 3 years, new system out time to abandon it.

Agree, like potion said, they didnt push games out for the 360 or Playstation 3 when the next generation consoles came out. Ubisoft will probably stop pledging after a newer console or switch is irrelevant.


I don't regret buying my Switch at all with the great games it currently has so this is a plus!


Glad to see this happen, Ubisoft did something right.


This is great news support from companies is what we need


Famous They give it 3 years, new system out time to abandon it.

That is typically what happens when a new gen launches. You didn't see them supporting the 360 to often after the One released.

OT: After Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (great game btw) I cannot wait to see what else they are planning.


I hope this is the case. I plan on grabbing a switch very soon, and if they continue to put as much effort into it as they have, I see it doing extremely well in the future.