Blizzard has no plans for Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch

Blizzard has confirmed that it’s not working on a Nintendo Switch version of Hearthstone.

Last year, a rumour made the rounds online about an impending Hearthstone port for Nintendo Switch. It made sense, the portable on-the-go nature of the Switch makes it an ideal platform for a game like Hearthstone.

Blizzard had not officially talked about other platforms the game could go to, but game designer Dean Ayala has confirmed to PowerUp Gaming at a recent event that the developer is not working on a Switch port.

“There are no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch,” Ayala said when asked whether a Switch port was being considered.

It’s worth noting that Hearthstone hasn’t expanded to platforms other than PC and mobile since its release. Even though it would play just as well on a controller, Blizzard has never really invested in bringing the game to anything but PC/Mac and mobile.

It makes a lot more sense for Hearthstone to be on Switch than it does on PS4 or Xbox One, however, so maybe Blizzard is waiting a bit before making the jump. Hearthstone is an online-only game and the Switch isn’t exactly known for these types of games.

Blizzard may also be waiting for the Nintendo Switch Online service to launch before making a move. The service goes live in September, so maybe we’ll be hearing about a Switch version later this year.

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Well that's sad, especially when you own one. Luckily for me, this was only a consideration.


Never got what the big deal was with Hearthstone anyways, but i suppose it would suit a console like the swicth shame.


I've been wanting to see Gwent come to the Nintendo Switch, a great game for a hand held device.

Specialize It would be good to see this happen, to bad it won't...

Maybe, if theres enough people wanting to see it release on the Switch, Blizzard may add the game.


That Sucks man was looking forward to see this!


It would be good to see this happen, to bad it won't...


I have never touched hearthstone. With that being said, i do not understand why they wouldn't pursue adding it to the switch. With the way the sales of the switch are going, i feel like it would be a huge benefit.


It's a shame to hear this happen not sure what the Nintendo Switch can handle these days? Some games have better performance than others I would say.


Bit disappointing, I have only just download Hearthstone on my iPhone a few months ago, and been enjoying it, but ain't played it a lot, but would have been great to see such a great successful game released on the Nintendo Switch. I for one would have picked up the game for the Switch.


Are they even going to release any of their games onto the Switch? All Blizzard games need amazing specs to play. But, IDK what the Switch can handle for specs.


It'd be a cool idea to bring it to the switch but if there is no plans now, it'll never go.