World of Tanks Celebrates 4 Years on Consoles with Anniversary Event

February is an important month for the console version of World of Tanks, a month that makes it four years since the game released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and also the month that the player count crossed 14 million.

In response to the two milestones that Wargaming West has reached with the console version, the game's team is celebrating by giving players free content during an anniversary event. Players who log in and win a match between Feb. 9 and the end of the month will be awarded a new anniversary tank, the Japanese Tier II Ashigaru Te-Ke tank.

In addition to the free tank, a bonus XP War Party event that multiplies your earned XP is also underway at the moment and will be running until Feb. 12, and discounts on certain in-game boosts will be available until Feb. 13 to rack up even more XP during the special event.

To kick off the game’s anniversary, Wargaming West also released a new event trailer that shows off the Ashigaru tank as well as some of the game’s greatest milestones that it’s crossed in the past. Throughout the lifespan of the game on, players have blown up nearly 3 billion tanks, participated in around 90 million battles, and have fired off over 44 billion shells in all these matches.

“We are proud to be celebrating our four year anniversary with our tankers,” said TJ Wagner, Executive Producer and Project Lead at Wargaming West. “The dedication of the World of Tanks community has made every success in this game possible, and we look forward to sharing our combined passion for many more years to come – not only with new content, but also surprising additions in the near future.”

Through the World of Tanks console version’s Facebook page, continued announcements have also been coming about event details as well as contests to win special prints in honor of the game’s fourth anniversary. Players can keep up with that Facebook page as well as the news section of the World of Tanks website to see any other information that may come regarding the anniversary and future events.

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Cent I never thought this game was fun lol. That is pretty neat for those who enjoy it thought.

Neither did I. It got really boring, really fast for me. Im more of a war thunder type of guy.


Cent I never thought this game was fun lol. That is pretty neat for those who enjoy it thought.

ive played it on Xbox and PC and enjoyed it for the 2 weeks I played it. I for sure will be running back to the game to see whats new though.


Last time I played this was on 360 before Xbox one or PS4 existed but I'm glad to see this game is still alive and well.


I never thought this game was fun lol. That is pretty neat for those who enjoy it thought.


I do not really ever hear much about this game. I, personally, have never played it either. But I am sure there are lots of people out there who enjoy this game. And I think they will absolutely enjoy this special anniversary event along with it. :D


I can never find games on WoT - but was still pretty cool to play. Just don't see the hype about it being 4 years Old..


Usually every game company will throw in an double XP Event or along those lines, but glad to see they'll be adding more content and other "surprising" additions to the game in the near future.


Never really seen anyone on this these days. Crazy how fast time has passed tho.


It's crazy how fast time flies 4 years today the game has come out & haven't even once yet played the game. XD


Wow, I never really got into this game but for a F2P game that started out as a web based game now its 4 year anniversary on Xbox? That is a big milestone