PS4 Pro Supersampling Offers Noticeable Improvements

Some lucky users are currently testing PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.50, KEIJI and one of the many new features of the firmware is system level supersampling. Finally offering the feature natively similarily to what the Xbox One X does, supersampling is a setting that PlayStation 4 Pro users who are still using a 1080P screen can use to render a better image quality for their games. Basically, supersampling tricks the console into rendering out a 4K image and then the system scales that back down to 1080P resulting into a crisp image quality.

At least that’s the claim from Sony, but it seems like the tech masters over at Digital Foundry have done the homework to say that the setting works amazingly well. When active, “The improvement to image quality is clear” says Digital Foundry. Jaggies disappear, more detail is displayed and the image, down to the the sub-pixel is improved.

It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine however, some titles they tested like The Last Guardian, which is known to have performance issues with the 4K mode, don’t play as nicely with the mode since the system is essentially locked into the 4K mode.

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Cent Glad to see that they're trying to stay updated with it all.

im waiting for a new dashboard update. Im really finding it troubling to get around the dashboard atm. I always find it hard to get to my games, downloads, and apps.


Pretty awesome they doing this, but whatever they do, it will never be better than the Xbox One X.


Glad to see that they're trying to stay updated with it all.


Crazy to see them go this far, but good going Sony.


It is good to see the PS4 Pro get these good updates. Hopefully they can make it better than ever before, hopefully staying in line with the rival Xbox One X


Interesting method they're trying to use to get 4K gameplay. Glad to see them updating the firmware to get a closer resemblance to the Xbox One X.


You wouldn't think that they will go this far with the PS4 Pro. It's interesting to see what they can do and what will be added for the future run. It's always nice to seeing improvements for the system.


This is great there finally upping the possibilities and showing the pros power


its awesome to see they are still updating their consoles to help improve performance


KyloCrux Crazy that this console is still offering more improvements and more options for better performance. That's a true console. Glad to see Sony updating this.

Exactly. It is crazy. Imagine what will be like in the future with consoles. It is unimaginable.