Xbox One consoles not affected by recent CPU vulnerabilities

The recent discovery of serious security flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM CPUs hit the tech industry pretty hard this week. We recently learned that the Meltdown vulnerability affects nearly all Intel processors released since 1995, while the more serious Spectre vulnerability affects all modern Intel, AMD and ARM processors.

As you may know, Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles are powered by a custom AMD Jaguar CPU, and they run a customized version of Windows 10. In some reassuring news for Xbox gamers, Xbox head of engineering Mike Ybarra shared today that all Xbox One consoles are protected against these recently discovered CPU flaws:

While the tech industry is still figuring out how these two serious vulnerabilities will affect PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets and more, it’s good to know that our Xbox One consoles are safe to use. Overall, Microsoft has been pretty good at dealing with this concerning news so far, releasing an emergency Windows 10 patch earlier this week which was followed by new firmware updates for Surface devices. If you haven’t done it yet, we invite you to make sure that your Windows 10 PC or Surface device is up to date.

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Wizard Xbox is that secure I didn't notice

they have an amazing team working on their shit. not like playstation 3 in the past an was locked out for the longest time.


Glad they are so damn secure. As much as I would love to see modded Xbox one I'm glad it isn't happening.


It is awesome that the Xbox One is so secure, I would hate to see this become a serious problem.


Xbox is that secure I didn't notice


It's kinda surprising, but I mean their Security is on lock.


The Xbox is honestly so secure I never noticed


That's good, seems like many devices are being potentially affected by this which if a method to exploit this is found then chaos would break out.