Judge Grants Sony Access to GeoHot’s HDD

In the Battle of Sony vs GeoHot there have been small victories and minor defeats for the console maker. Today, one of those minor victories was won by Sony. The judge presiding over the matter granted Sony the access to GeoHot's HDD which houses all of his data including all of the data used for jailbreaking the PS3. Sony was granted this access for a number of reasons. First, the DMCA states that it is illegal to traffic in devices that circumvent controls meant to protect copyrighted works.

What Sony will be looking for on his HDD is anyone's guess, and if in its original state Sony will likely find the code they are looking for. The judge likened it to a case of child pornography, where Sony would have access to Hotz's personal information in order to find what they are looking for in the case against him.

This is among the other requests that Sony has made to Judge Illston to force the surrender of IP addresses and other identifying information of those who have viewed or commented about the jailbreak video upon it's release.




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hmm linked it to child porn geo that is **** gross


This gave me a good laugh...

Hope sony loses :)


I think sony is clutching at straws here, do they really want to ruin this kids life and give him a criminal record.
"If you can't beat'em join'em sony!" give this kid a job and maybe you could learn a thing or two.


lets just hope nothings dirty on there. Sony should just leave Modders alone.


TTG-MITCHELL wow, i think its kinda sad that they had to do this

Yeah, knowing what Sony has done during this trial they prolly would put Child Porn on his HDD just to get im in prison...

enit,sony would just put stuff on his hhd and show em.just to get him locked up :/ tbf sony should ave done there homework befor makein the ps3.


Feargoyle My guess is that it will be encrypted, if the judges says to decrypt the files he should say he can't remember how

I'd like to see Sony rage while trying hundreds of algorithms, to find that his HDD had nothing unexpected on it.

that would just make my day :D


This is why I don't have a PS3


this kid is my cousins bestfriend, hes screwed and he knows it


he is young...and **** smart !
oh will !
he gonna jailbreak the prison anyway XD


and this is why I change my IP and MAC Address everyday every other day

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