Call of Duty: Black Ops infographic is heavy on numbers

Over 1.1 trillion shots fired in 161 virtual World Wars fought every day since the game’s launch. Treyarch’s released a neat new infographic for Call of Duty: Black Ops to mark the release of the game’s first map pack, First Strike.

The image has a bevy of surprising stats which you’re sure to find interesting if you’ve spent a chunk of your life playing the shooter.

We’ve collected some of the data click read more for details on stats

Top three Guns:

  1. Famas

  2. AK74u

  3. Galil

Top three Perks:

  1. Marathon

  2. Slight of Hand

  3. Lightweight

Random Facts:

  • 3.4 Billion crossbow bolts fired

  • Players ran around the earth 129,069 times

  • 28,494,020 tomahawk bank shots

  • 1,273,209,731 aircraft downed

  • 994,665,956 cars destroyed

  • 5,124,592,368 headshots

  • 242,316,815 players skewered

  • 591,779,577 executions

  • 10,059,041,802 paybacks

  • 7,127,942,471 contract CoD points

  • RC-XD is the deadliest killstreak, with Valkyries being the least deadliest.




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ak 74u > gail > Commando


AK74u > Famas > Gal


It seems like more people use the AK74u more than the FAMAS but i guess not


Thats mad i thought the 74u would of been the most used gun tho


These are crazy amounts of stats but, Isn't really nothing big.
I'm sure CoD4's shot's fired has more..


Thats crazy!


Wow these numbers are outragous.


Exposure ak74u with those perks. Beastiest class ever.

So right dude, it **** shit up if you know the strategy behind it.


ak74u with those perks. Beastiest class ever.


Those are my guns in my classes and i always put those perk ahah