All Call of Duty: WW2 Social Ranks, and their rewards

Call of Duty: WW2 introduced a new type of progression beyond the typical soldier and weapon systems we’re used to seeing.

This new system is called Social Score, and it ties into Call of Duty: WW2’s social space, Headquarters. As we explained in our Social Score guide, the game awards Social points for doing things with and around other players in Headquarters.

This includes challenging them to the 1v1 pit, the shooting range, and for simply opening up Supply Drops in front of a crowd of players. You also increase your rank by watching others open their Supply Drops.

Unlike the rest of the progression systems in the game, Call of Duty: WW2 doesn’t reveal much about Social Score, and that includes the maximum Social Rank you can achieve, and the rewards you get for reaching each rank. Thanks to Reddit user LackingAGoodName, who dug up the details through in-game files, we now have all the details.

According to the user’s findings, there are 20 Social Ranks in total. Gaining each one unlocks rewards that vary depending on the rank. Rewards could be Armory Credits, weapon variants, Supply Drops, emotes, or calling cards. The final tier comes with a nice verified check mark badge, similar to what you see on Twitter and Facebook.

See all of them below:

Social Rank 1

  • Social Score Required: 100
  • Reward: 500 Armory Credits

Social Rank 2

  • Social Score Required: 250
  • Reward: Unique Calling Card – Socialite

Social Rank 3

  • Social Score Required: 500
  • Reward: Common Supply Drop

Social Rank 4

  • Social Score Required: 750
  • Reward: 1,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 5

  • Social Score Required: 1,000
  • Reward: M1928 – Wilco

Social Rank 6

  • Social Score Required: 1,500
  • Reward: Unique Calling Card – Blossom

Social Rank 7

  • Social Score Required: 2,500
  • Reward: Reach! Emote – {Name} [Reach for the sky]

Social Rank 8

  • Social Score Required: 3,750
  • Reward: Common Supply Drop

Social Rank 9

  • Social Score Required: 5,000
  • Reward: 3,500 Armory Credits

Social Rank 10

  • Social Score Required: 7,500
  • Reward: Lewis – Landship

Social Rank 11

  • Social Score Required: 10,000
  • Reward: Common Supply Drop

Social Rank 12

  • Social Score Required: 15,000
  • Reward: Unique Calling Card – Salutations

Social Rank 13

  • Social Score Required: 20,000
  • Reward: Rare Supply Drop

Social Rank 14

  • Social Score Required: 27,500
  • Reward: 10,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 15

  • Social Score Required: 37,500
  • Reward: Kar98k – Nightmare

Social Rank 16

  • Social Score Required: 50,000
  • Reward: Rare Supply Drop

Social Rank 17

  • Social Score Required: 75,000
  • Reward: 15,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 18

  • Social Score Required: 100,000
  • Reward: Homerun! Emote – {Name} [Outta The Park]

Social Rank 19

  • Social Score Required: 150,000
  • Reward: BAR – Fly Boy

Social Rank 20

  • Social Score Required: 250,000
  • Reward: HUB_CLASSIFIED [verified badge]

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I want that verified badge lmao, only 6 levels away.


This is nice to see an explanation for those "Pointless Social Scores/Ranks" So this explains all of the social rank questions.


SYRE So do we get them now? or have they always been implemented and nobody knew the official rewards

They have been implemented already this is just a breakdown of the rewards.


So do we get them now? or have they always been implemented and nobody knew the official rewards