Possible God Of War Release Date Appears on North American PS Store

Today the North American PlayStation Store was updated with a March 22nd, 2018 release date for the upcoming God of War by Sony Santa Monica.

Of course, you should take this with the customary grain of salt, and consider this a big fat rumor. The date could be a mistake, or someone might have simply flipped a switch and unveiled it ahead of time.

That being said, the date does not appear to be random. As our Logan promptly noticed, the very first God of War for PlayStation 2 released in North America on March 22nd, 2005. While I wouldn’t call this “evidence,” it certainly adds credence to the date, as it’s very possible that Sony might have chosen this specific date to pay homage to the game that launched the series. Incidentally, all the mainline games of the franchise were released in March.

Below you can check out a screenshot of the store page, as you can probably expect that date to disappear as soon as someone at Sony Interactive Entertainment notices.

Officially, God of War is set to release in “early 2018” exclusively for PS4. The timing of this possible leak might indicate that the house of PlayStation is ready to announce the release date at the opening presentation of PlayStation Experience this Friday (December 8th).

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Source: https://www.dualshockers.com/god-war-release-date/


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Not bothered about this release, probably will just pass on it.


I use to be big on this back in the day now not so much but might just have to give it a go


The release date sounds about right most God of war games released in March.


Never was a big fan of this game.


I wish I had a ps4 now oh my god


This isn't usually my type of game but this looks great