PUBG developers apologise for cheaters following increased complaints

Over the last few weeks, there has been an increasing number of complaints regarding cheaters in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Previously, the developers had prided themselves on the number of cheaters they catch on a daily/monthly basis but it seems that over time, cheat tools have become more resilient, which has been causing discontent amongst regular players. The developers are aware of this, so starting today, some new anti-cheat measures will be rolling out.

Over on PUBG’s Steam Community page, Bluehole posted an update on the studio’s plans for future anti-cheat measures. The post starts off with an apology to players, before promising changes as new anti-cheat tools enter the game.

“First of all, we would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by the cheaters and we are sorry that you have not been able to enjoy PUBG in a safe and fair environment. Our development team is doing their best to detect and ban those who use cheats in a more proactive manner. We are aware that we still have much to do.”

At the moment, Bluehole is “in the process of adopting new tools to detect and verify users with unusual gameplay patterns”. Starting from today, these new measures will be rolling out, with permanent bans in store for those caught cheating. If an ‘unusual gameplay pattern’ is detected, then an account will be temporarily suspended while a manual investigation is conducted.

These new measures should help but the studio is also keen to point out that “the battle against cheaters will not end overnight”. Still, stronger action will be taken, with another anti-cheat update set to begin rolling out next week.

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I hate seeing cheaters in games, it ruins all of the fun in my opinion.


OwensRGH and i am one of those cheaters :P

You find it fun to ruin a very enjoyable game? Ok


Noticed a lot more bullshit in PUBG recently. Been killed by cheaters a few times for sure.


With so many players you would think the security would be tighter.


and i am one of those cheaters :P


They should do a better job of protecting the game tbh... But it'll never stop people being able to cheat they'll keep finding ways.

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