PS4 5.00 Error Code E-801809A8 Fix Might Be Coming Within A Week

The PS4 5.00 firmware update was already pretty underwhelming, but with reports of error code E-801809A8 growing widespread – an error code that does not let users with faulty drives who updated access any online content or services – it became even worse for a lot of people.

Until now, we have had no indication of when a fix for this error code might be coming, which is pretty terrible, because it essentially means that people are left with functionally bricked PS4 consoles. However, if a user on the PlayStation Forums is to be believed, an update might actually be coming as early as next week.

The user apparently had a chat with Sony’s customer support who seemed to indicate that the update will be out in a week. However, before you get too excited, I do want to remind you that customer support rarely, if ever, is privy to such details, and it is as likely that this information is false as it is that it is not- if not more likely.

Until we get official word on when a fix is coming, all we can do is wait.

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Really it has taken them this long to get a fix out for this? Feel sorry for all the people who are experiencing this.