Jurassic World Evolution for PS4, Xbox One and PC Gets First Gameplay

Back at Microsoft’s Gamescom live show in August, Frontier Developments announced Jurassic World Evolution with a neat cinematic trailer. Today, it’s time to see gameplay.

The trailer actually debuted yesterday at Frontier Expo 2017, but it was published on the game’s official channel today.

It shows the first in-game footage, and exactly what you would expect, a lot of dinosaurs wandering in lush environments. We see a t-Rex, brontosaus, triceratops and quite a few more.

Personally, I spent countless hours playing Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis back in the glorious times of the PS2 so I can’t say I’m not excited about going back to something similar. If it’s half as good a playground it’ll be being fifteen years old all over again, in the best way possible.

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Kinda looks interesting. Haven't played a game like this in awhile.


Tight Looks sick man ! Bit like Ark can't wait to see more on it

the only similarity is that it has dinosaurs its a park build game


Looks sick man ! Bit like Ark can't wait to see more on it


The game looks dope and so do the graphics but I probably won't buy right away until I see some better footage or something to persuade me more.


This game looks amazing. I'm excited and ready for this to drop.


They really some good quality graphics, The way things can be made to look so real these days is insane, Technology just gets better and better.


The graphics look fantastic and really well done but I'll be holding off till I see how its actually played and works.


Some nice graphics for this game, pretty excited to say the least.


Game looks pretty nice i did have the Jurassic park for PS2 so i may have to buy this for old times sake.


Actually looks pretty good although not my type of game.