LOL: Xbox 360 quite literally becomes toast

Xbox 360 modding has just reached a new level! Some modding maniac has transformed the Xbox 360 exterior into a funy toaster. Amazingly the toaster looking Xbox 360 still plays games just fine and well. The creator says bigger and better mods will be on the way so long as he can sell this one. So would anyone be interested in purchasing this far out Xbox 360 modification? Video's in read more.



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I think the question on everyone's mind is, can I make toast with this?


wow thats awesome i still like the xbox laptop better but this is best case mod :)


this is completely amazing!!!!! the best xbox case modification i have ever seen!!!!!


This is seriously the best thing i have every seen, i cant wait to see what better things he comes up with :)


Oh my god this is beast!!!!!!!


Lmao how has the motherboard fitted in that thing :L

And he should send it back to Microsoft when it get RROD they would be like ZOMG PRO TOSTER BOYZ

Thumbs up :)


OMG this is amazing, i want one so bad.

Amazing :)



How much is it being sold for


That is so amazing...If I knew how much I would buy it


thats **** incredible man how long would it take to do that aye