Assassin’s Creed Origins Gets 4K Trailer Showcasing its Open World

Today Ubisoft released a brand new trailer of Assassin’s Creed Origin, focusing on the game’s open world.

The video, which also includes commentary by Game Director Ashraf Ismail, explains how the game doesn’t just provide a couple of cities to explore, but an entire country that you can freely travel across. It’s the biggest world ever created for the series.

Ismail also mentions that there is a lot of granularity in the detail, including NPCs, animals and more. It’s “much, much” more dense than previous AC games.

Actually, having played the game just yesterday, I can testify to what Ismail says, considering that I played the game just yesterday. I was exploring the city of Memphis (which is shown in the video) and its surroundings, while chatting with Creative Director Jean Guesdon.

The area of the demo already felt massive, but he takes the controls for a moment, and starts zooming out the map, and zooming out, and some more. The more he zoomed out, the more playable areas (that unfortunately were blocked off in the demo) appeared. The size of it all was mind-boggling.

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I will be picking this game up for sure, the Egyptian setting is great and since they took a year or two whatever it was off instead of releasing yearly, I believe this game will be a hit!


All I can say is holy shit like it so clean! Do you see the water like wtf wow


Game is looking amazing I can't wait to be running around Egypt in AC. This and CoD.


Wow this game really does look amazing.


Travelling around the world in 4K on this game would be insane, I can't imagine what it would look like to be honest with you.


Looking good, never was huge in ac but this might change me


Dang, this game is looking better each trailer I see.


this game i hope will be good


This is the first AC game I'm looking forward to. The open world looks amazing. Let's just hope they make the game stable upon release.


Cant wait - my monitor doesnt do this trailer justice though rn.