Destiny 2 has PC-only features to make up for limited capture support

Due to security risks, Bungie recently revealed Destiny 2‘s PC players would be unable to use certain third-party applications to their full capabilities, primarily those meant for game capture and frame rate monitoring. Thankfully, the team has confirmed an in-game system will instead support the blocked features.

In the latest update from Bungie’s Destiny 2 blog, the team revealed the PC build will include an in-game FPS counter, which was one of the security blocked features players were worried would harm the third-party streaming experience. Additionally, there will also be the ability to specify a frame rate upper-limit through a configuration file, giving more control to streamers.

The original news explained that while game capture programs like OBS and XSplit will be available to use outside of full-screen mode, all third-party applications’ overlay UI’s, such as frame rate monitors, will not be visible in the footage, including Discord, Mumble, EVGA Precision XOC, MSi Afterburner, and Fraps. Of course, the programs themselves will still be usable, just without the overlay features.

Still, fans were confused about why overlay UI’s would be blocked. Bungie explained the use of third-party capture systems were included in the security package because of how most insert code into the game to work, which is the same method hackers use to corrupt the game. “As a part of our security efforts, we have designed Destiny 2 for PC to resist all attempts from external applications to insert code into the game client,” said Bungie. “It is a high priority for us to ensure that Destiny 2 is a safe and fair experience for all players, on all platforms.”

As part of the ongoing evolution of the game, Bungie and Activision have taken feedback from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One beta to make updates for the upcoming August 29th (August 28th for pre-orders) PC beta launch. Several glitches have been remedied, while matchmaking for Quickplay and Competitive battles has been tweaked to shorten wait times and create varied experiences for players.

When not working on in-game details, it seems Bungie and Activision have been extending the Destiny 2 brand through third-party promotional deals, including the most recent leak of an exclusive sparrow only available as part of a very exclusive tie-in.

Destiny 2 is set to launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, with the PC version to arrive October 24th.

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Really hope all the hype, isnt going to just be a massive flop, im sure though the game is going to be great, as i very much enjoyed the first game.


Interesting, hyped for the game but getting worried about all the bad info like the beta and now this.


Wonder why they are scared of the security... Probs coz the game has a shit anti cheat system.

Game gon be full of mods most probably...


I'm hyped to play this game, hopefully it's not a bust.


I never record record in full screen anyways. Always borderless.


Good to see PC getting fair-share!


Nice to see them compromising on this, At least they're player base happiness is in their best interest


It's nice to see the game being being played out fair towards other players.


Glad to see they are trying to make it fair for everyone.


I thought this would only occur with play station