Gamers Seems To Be Moving Back To Windows 7 According To Steam

Steam’s monthly hardware survey has been an excellent forefront to find out the trends in the PC gaming market. Being a top-contender in the digital sales distribution arena, Valve has been recording and surveying users about their configurations for a while now. With the latest results coming in for last month, the results are pretty intriguing this time around.

As far as Microsoft’s OS war goes, last month, Windows 10 actually saw quite a decrease in players despite its excellent growth of users back in June. Windows 7 has been seeing an excellent surge of gamers making their way back onto the outdated OS that still claims itself home to many PC gamers including myself. According to Steam’s survey, they have recorded a 0.74% decrease in users who are using their Windows 10 machines for gaming with Steam. Meanwhile, Windows 7 is seeing a 0.86% gain in users which really goes to show how many gamers are making their way back onto the 2009 OS.

Taking a look at the Green vs Red results, the GTX 1060 still reigns supreme with users preferring the card over AMD’s RX 480/580 series of GPUs with the GTX 1060 getting in increase of just 0.16% for the month of July. For those gamers who have just started building their PCs it seems like their has been a healthy increase in GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti owners as well with the GTX 1050 Ti recording in an increase of 0.54% and the non-Ti adding 0.45% to its overall user base on Steam.

Taking a look at AMD’s influx, the Red team finally sees a healthy increase of 0.43% meanwhile the Intel camp sees a decrease of 0.41% for their side. Seems like users could have been switching over or users could be building some new Ryzen systems. Its going to be interesting to see this month’s results due to AMD’s Ryzen 3 launch.

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Interesting, haven't had many problems with windows 10.


Meh, Windows 7 was good upon release, but it's quite dated now and imo is less stable than 10 at times.

My two cents tho.



Does anyone check their grammar before making a post?


Mickers Windows 7 has been the worst one i've ever used...

You must do alot of drugs or something.

Nope, i agree. Win7 is shocking compared to Windows 10 now. People who go back are just jumping on the band wagon and are most probably clueless.


Windows 10 is like a car that is pretty fast with a bunch of features like back massages, TVs, wireless internet, seat warmers etc. Windows 7 is the type of car that doesn't look like anything special but in a race will beat any car. 7FTW


Mickers Windows 7 has been the worst one i've ever used...

You must do alot of drugs or something.


Windows 7 has been the worst one i've ever used...


God, I remember using windows 7 years ago. I'm on Windows 10 now and I like it, it was tricky to get used to the programme but I like the features for Windows 10.


I'm on Windows 10 but Windows 7 is my favourite OS might go back to it at some point


I have 3 hard drives and a OS on each one. Windows 7/8.1/10. Some games I have don't like Windows 10 or I can only get them to run in Windows 8.1 or 7. Didn't fully go back to Windows 7. But I did miss it lol