E3 2017: Backwards compatible original Xbox games could appear on Game Pass

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, it was officially announced original Xbox games would be coming to Xbox One’s backward compatibility program, and now more information is pointing to Xbox’s new subscription service possibly receiving the titles.

In an interview with IGN, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, provided additional details on the new backwards compatible games and how they will be available to players. “We can support the discs, which was actually a technical achievement for the team. I didn’t think we were going to get there,” Spencer said. “But I also know a lot of people can’t find those discs anymore, so we will definitely make sure they are available digitally for people.”

While no details on pricing were shared, Spencer did tease Xbox Game Pass, the platform’s new subscription service, “could be a great place to put these games.” Apart from the already confirmed backwards compatible Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, the additional list of old-school Xbox games that players will be able to return to are not yet known. Spencer did also confirm Microsoft can’t control third-party game prices.

While the company revealed several upcoming new and returning titles during its E3 conference, the headliner was the next Xbox console, Xbox One X. Previously known as Project Scorpio, the powerhouse system packs impressive and powerful internals into the smallest Xbox console to date. Eager fans can throw down $499 for the system on November 7th, 2017.

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Hopefully they implement this, it would be awesome.


High hopes for Ninja Gaiden Black


I'm sooo happy for this to happen. I really hope they add back True crime NYC


I would pick up NBA Street for next to nothing to play with my friends again, that would bring back a lot of memories.


So excited for this, to be able to play Halo 1 omfg.


Would be cool to play some of the old school games like NFL Street, GTA, NBA Street.


Halo / Halo 2
San Andreas
Half-Life 2
Vice City
Splinter Cell
Crash Bandicoot

Lets see this happen


Id say its iffy. Depends on what games they will add.


It would be cool to see a bunch of collections of games would be a cool start off for Backwards compatible original Xbox games. I want to see Mario Kart: Crash Bandicoot


Would be great to see the likes of NFS Underground 2 & Timesplitters make an appearance on Game Pass. Hoping that this means we can use old Original Xbox game discs. I still have a few of my old classics, would be great to dig out the likes of Burnout and Splinter Cell.