Battlefield 1 CTE update hints at what’s coming in June

A new patch for Battlefield 1‘s Community Test Environment fixes a number of technical issues, with a few balance changes thrown in for good measure.

Most of the changes made to the game are bug fixes, but a number of adjustments tweak operational game features for general quality-of-life improvements. One improvement change to vehicles has all parts become fixed once the vehicle is fully repaired- certain vehicles could previously be at full health with damaged parts- and another change stops victims of melee takedowns from dealing damage to their attacker while on the way to their death.

The CTE update’s patch notes can be found below.

Game Mode

  • Fixed issue where Conquest control bonus points were rewarded in other games modes than Conquest.
  • When ever the player count would drop below 75% of the required player count to get out of pre-round for Operations, the operation state would revert to “waiting.”

Developer comment: This affects match-making. The desire is to instead only revert to the waiting state if the operation is in preround (which happens when a new map begins and the player count has dropped to less than what is required to exit pre-round) and the player counts drops once again under 75%.

Weapons and Combat

  • You can no longer deal damage as a melee victim.
  • Added blur around the Selbstlader 1906 Sniper’s scope when aiming.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed AT Mines to be placed on vehicles.
  • Ammo pouch speeds up grenade resupply if player stands close to it.
  • Fixed low resolution texture on Chauchat rear iron sight.
  • Corrected aiming controller settings for the Benet Mercie Optical when using 1.5x zoom. It was using iron sights settings, it will now use optical settings like the other zoom levels.


  • Fixed an issue where self repair would activate without input upon entering a driver seat after leaving that seat mid repair cycle.
  • All tank and plane parts are now fixed automatically upon the vehicle reaching full health. This prevents the confusing situation of having a healthy vehicle with broken parts.


Amiens and Argonne Forest

  • Extended collision to fix exploits that allowed people to get on top of buildings.


  • Fixed a few out-of-bounds spawns in Operations.
  • Adjusted the combat area and capture area for the flag in the last sector to improve the balance.
  • Higher likelihood for more weather variation.
  • Adjusted HQ spawns for both teams for Conquest.

Bug Fixes and UI

  • Fixed vehicle skin descriptions not showing up in the vehicle customization screen.
  • Fixed rainsounds playing when it’s not raining.
  • Fixed an issue where outdoor reverbs were not fully faded in when transitioning from indoor to outdoor.
  • Fixed bug where rain audio would be heard in bunkers when impaired weather state was set.
  • Fixed a bug where shells of the BL9 artillery on Rupture in the Rush gamemode would be blocked if fired after the attackers had advanced past the second sector.
  • Fixed issue where squad info was not properly sent to spectators.
  • Spectator Mode: Camera Filters and Depth of Field settings can now be used while in Player View mode (1st person, 3rd person, and director cameras).
  • Player HUD is now active during Pre-round.

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Looks like a pretty good update here.


Definitely some needed improvements.


EG6 Glad to see them addressing coming issues. First Battlefield I've enjoyed since 4. Skipped Hardline as I just had no interest in it at all.

You said it man, I'm glad they're doing all these things to keep the game in good standing.


These are some minor improvements but hey I'll take it.


So glad, the game felt a lot more fixed with the fixes on the May update, stoked for the game to get better and better.


This is a huge update, this is awesome.


Glad to see them addressing coming issues. First Battlefield I've enjoyed since 4. Skipped Hardline as I just had no interest in it at all.


First battle field I've ever bought think it's a amazing game, looking forward to thiss


The new direction they are taking is nice, premium sharing, and a few of the other fixes ETC.


I like what they've been doing lately with their updates like scraps trade in, map voting and the speed up between matches. Keep it up.

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