Xbox Scorpio Teased In Three New Videos Ahead of E3

This E3, Microsoft will finally end its year long teasing, and reveal the Xbox Scorpio properly at last. And ahead of the reveal, which comes on Sunday, during Microsoft’s presser, the company is getting some last mileage out of teasing the Scorpio to ardent Xbox fans.

They have released three new E3 teasers for the Scorpio- thankfully, THE RED DRAGON on YouTube has gone ahead and compiled them all in one video. We’ve gone ahead and included that video for you below, so you can watch all the E3 teasers for Xbox Scorpio and join in on the hype yourself.

The Xbox One Scorpio is the enhanced Xbox One that Microsoft is releasing worldwide this Holiday season. It will be the most powerful console ever made when it launches, albeit it will still retain full inter-compatibility with the existing Xbox One and Xbox One S, too. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more Scorpio coverage.

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Such a great video this console is absolutely stunning.


Interesting reveals, of course it's just gonna feel like they are releasing technology thats been released for a couple years now but still excited to see the console however.


I just want the announcement. I am literally so excited.


The girl looked like she was about to be ff her face


I do not see the'now to see event E3 to see this new Xbox


hopefully its at a decent price


Feel like the ad relates to drugs a bit to much.


Idk why this reminded me of the "how it feels to chew 5 gum" commercials so much


Hopefully they add a Display Port on this Console like on the PS4 Pro


So stoked for this console, I really hope it gets us a new golden age of gaming, not saying I hate Xbox One, but I feel the games could be more so I can't wait to see what game devs will come up with.

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