Xbox One Game Modding Tool Coming Soon (Updated)

Xbox One saved game modding is finally here. In the video below, you can see working mods in Modern Warfare: Remastered.

Soon the desktop application, Vantage, will be released by Team Vantage for free and posted on The Tech Game first.

The video below is a demonstration of modding on Modern Warfare remastered via Vantage for Xbox one.

Keep an eye on the forum thread to keep up the date with all on-going developments with Vantage.

Click here to check out the thread.


More editors coming this week.

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Would be awesome if the tool will builded like Horizon or Modio. Hope it will be released soon, want to mod my AC savegames ;)


Could be video editing, then he used pc footage with a controller plugged in to make the buttons and such show up like on xbox.


Not sure why people are claiming it's fake. Games save mods have been done before. The hype on this thread isn't the Mod but more of them giving away a public modding tool. Good to see the TTG hype going back up though.. ;)


If this is an offline only thing this will be pretty cool.


Pretty sure this is fake, but even if it is true it will just get patch soon anyway.


Its cool but with this being one the first big modding things for Xbox One it will get patched very quickly


from the looks of it this will make completing single players games more interesting.


Meowers Keep it offline, don't need trash scrubs wrecking current gen consoles because their thumbs are on backwards. Go outside and do something with your life or play the game the way it was meant to be played.

I disagree I loved modding on the 360 not to give me a edge on the game but to enhance the experience. I love editing the hex code on midnight club to make my car drift forever.


So what? USB modding lol this is so next gen modding lmao garbage


Damn kinda looks nostagic. hoping to see what this tool will lead too.