Destiny 2 Won’t Use Dedicated Servers

Destiny 2 has been confirmed for PC; however, it won’t be using dedicated servers.

The news comes via an interview with PC Gamer, where Bungie’s David Shaw confirmed that server infrastructure for the game is “complicated” and as a result (or at least partially as a result) Bungie will not have dedicated servers on PC, and presumably not on consoles either.

Later in the interview, Shaw did acknowledge that Bungie knows it has “to be legit on day one” in regards to the PC port, an area where many games have suffered colossal issues at launch in recent years. Shaw had the following to say about the PC port:

Focusing on things like up to 4K resolution, uncapped framerate, mouse and keyboard support with full key remapping, adjustable FOV, tons of graphical options, support for different aspect rations—21:9—and text chat. You know, a ton of different things that are those feature sets that, when people bitch about a game just being a console port, those things are missing.

While all of the above mentioned things are good news for any looking to pick up the game on PC, there will still be concern over the lack of dedicated servers. Mainly the issue surfaces when someone has poor or limited upload speeds, which is the case in many parts of the world. For some, this won’t be an issue at all, others it will be a substantial issue, and will result in backlash from a portion of the PC community. How big that portion will be — who knows.

Destiny 2 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is slated to launch on September 8th on the aforementioned platforms. The latter, the PC, is currently without a release date, and it appears it may not launch simultaneously alongside the console versions.

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I definitely won't buy it then.


Xbox I just don't understand why big companies like this don't use dedicated servers.

read the article you filthy pleb


I will mostly be playing the campaign anyways plus my internets pretty good too, I should be fine.


I just don't understand why big companies like this don't use dedicated servers.


Typical of a multi-million dollar company not wanting to invest a little more to get dedi serves. Disappointing but expected.


Shame that even in their livestream they said their focus was Crucible, guess not. So disappointed in this game. Will probably still buy it just for raids but oh my, this is just a DLC for the first one but better graphics.


A shame tbh. Am not exited for p2p at all :(


Decy Not surprised.... the first one didn't.

I always thought it did? How was it set up to where you can see other people walking around without servers? Or did it just p2p to random people? Seemed like too much for that.


Bit disappointed about this, however, i dont think I'm going to be playing that much on PC anyway.


Not surprised.... the first one didn't.