Destiny 2 Cinematic Trailer

Bungie began its live premiere for Destiny 2 with more information still coming. Until then, check out the cinematic trailer below, helpfully clipped by IGN.

The trailer focuses on Zavala and how he first became a Guardian. His journey battling against the Fallen, growing stronger and stronger to eventually find humanity and the Speaker. From there, the Last City is established along with the wall and the Tower. Of course, it doesn’t take long for it all to fall apart when the Red Legion of the Cabal attack.

There’s quite a lot of scope and new features this time around. You can now land wherever you want on a planet and don’t have to go to orbit to start missions. Traveling from planet to planet is also now possible and doesn’t require going to orbit. Of course, that’s not even going into all the new open world activities that you’ll explore across the four new planets.

Destiny 2 is out on September 8th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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So excited to play the campaign.


The trailer looked dope, I just hope it's worth my money this time.


Honestly this looked good but I was expecting a little more I guess.


Pumped for Destiny 2. Although I didn't play the first at the start I will be on 2. Got my beta access ready to go when it drops :D


Booming for Destiny 2 will be pre-ordering my badass collector's edition hopefully in the next few weeks. All the trailer look absolutely what I would have expected 110% pure quality, so nice see some gameplay yesterday as well, Destiny 2 looks piff asf.


Cinematics look amazing. The trailers and news articles make me want to play it more! Definitely going to pick this up