Destiny 2 video sets up the story, reveals new Guardian subclasses

At the beginning of Destiny 2, Dominus Ghaul—the game’s new antagonist—attacks the Tower and strips Guardians of their powers in an attempt to harness the Light, scattering the Vanguards to far and distant worlds, and it’s up to you to retrieve them. It’s a compelling setup—and a good excuse to reset everyone’s progress from the first game.

But while you may not be able to carry you previous character over from the first game, you will have the opportunity to build a brand new Titan, Hunter or Warlock with a new subclass each one is getting.

The Warlock Dawnblade can summon a flaming sword and rain energy down on enemies. The Titan Sentinel summons a Captain America-like shield that can be thrown or used in a powerful bash move. And the acrobatic Hunter Acrstrider summons a staff and goes full ninja with it.

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Lol, what it looks like is that Destiny was a beta and Destiny 2 is the full release. Roll on the high priced DLC's too!


I hope they make a season pass for all DLC. Otherwise it's a no go.


-Lewy This is gonna be amazing. Can't wait to make another hunter and go full ninja! :ninja:

Hunter all the way :P

Can't wait for the release of this


Xbox I'm not going to lie after the disgrace of the first one I wasent even interested in buying the second one, but after that trailer it looks like it might something I invest into. I just hope it's worth it this time.

Wat ! The first Destiny was great I still play it to this day what's wrong with you?


Destiny was a horrible game. They sold us half a game. There was no story. And you couldnt even matchmake or solo raids... sure it was fun at times but as far as quality of games go, it sucked.


OMG_IM_JOKIN Yay just another $60 expansion.

Its a whole new game, its completely different. Quit complaining.


This is gonna be amazing. Can't wait to make another hunter and go full ninja! :ninja:


Cant wait, huge fan of the first Destiny hopefully this is better.


Yay just another $60 expansion.


Damn this looks like it's gonna be a good story line. Bungie always knew how to do things right.


Yoke I honestly thought they would do alot more with the first Destiny, rather than coming out with another one so soon.

Destiny came out 3 years in 2014, it's not like it just released last year.