Xbox Multiplayer All-Access Event Kicks Off This Weekend

Xbox owners have plenty to look forward to throughout the year in terms of new games to enjoy, while those that are looking for an access to hop online and join in on the fun do so for free this weekend, with an added bonus.

Microsoft has announced that a Multiplayer All-Access Weekend is kicking off this weekend, with the event offering free multiplayer access to Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners from today through May 21st, 2017.

In addition to the free multiplayer access, Microsoft is also adding an extra bonus on top of the event by also providing free access to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, allowing all Xbox One owners the chance to dive in and experience the game for free during the multiplayer weekend.

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Generous of them, I like how they do this and have been doing this!, unlike other companies. Maybe a switch to Xbox ??


Its nice of them to do this for the people who can't afford xbox live.


Free gold fo all plebs enjoy.


Skates So free multiplayer for a weekend for non gold members?

Yeah. They do this every so so often. They make a few games free to play for the weekend too.


So free multiplayer for a weekend for non gold members?


Might as well try minecraft when its up for a bit.


Not a massive fan of Minecraft, but as this is a pretty sweet deal I dont see why not.


That's what I like to see, might have to try minecraft on the Xbox one. Also play on my account that I don't have gold for right now, it's going to be a good weekend ( ;