Battlefield 1 reveals plans for some major changes to core combat

Battlefield 1‘s recently announced Roots Initiative is almost underway with more plans for improvements, this time focusing on weapon and melee mechanics.

The previous list of planned changes for the shooter were centered around solider and vehicle movement, but now the game’s core combat is getting scrutinized. Banner changes include a reduction to aim assist on consoles, less spread, more recoil, and a tweak to flinching that should make it easier to land consecutive headshots.

Here’s a rundown of all the tweaks, straight from DICE:

Weapon Mechanics

Aim assist on console

  • Slight overall tone down.
  • Specific tone down when snapping to target on weapons such as single action rifles (snipers) and slug shotguns.

Muzzle smoke

  • Reduce the muzzle smoke visible when firing some weapons.

First and Third Person flinch

  • Reduce the flinching animation on head hits that prevents the player from landing a second headshot.

Recoil and spread

  • Globally reduce the spread increase penalties when firing.
  • Globally increase the recoil increase penalties when firing.

Third Person in Tanks

  • Lower the FOV/proximity of camera. Give an accuracy penalty when in 3rd person view.


  • Increase damage against Elite kits.

AT Rocket Gun

  • Currently feels too clunky, needs consistency.

Flare gun

  • Reduce damage AOE so that it matches the visual effect better.
  • Distinguish friendly and enemy flare guns thrown and active in the world.

Melee Mechanics


  • Takedown angle snap and Lock-on: Reduce the angle so that the player needs to have his crosshair more accurately aiming at the target to trigger a melee animation.
  • Front melee: Prevent the player from triggering a takedown when performing a front melee.

Bayonet charge

  • Longer wind-up time before entering the takedown phase.
  • Allow player to bind bayonet charge to a different key to separate normal melee from bayonet charge

DICE will continue to investigate other areas of the game detailed in the Initiative’s reveal, starting with a test of the game’s suppression and destruction mechanics. Currently, no Roots Initiative changes are active in the game, but the adjustments detailed thus far are expected roll out in the next Community Test Environment update, to be followed up by full-game implementation.

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Honestly I think sniping should be more realistic.. You get shot once you should be dead, like is there a hardcore version of operations? Lol why not just actually make the game realistic..


I just hope the changes don't ruin a good and fun game for me.


i dont want any major changes to the game. i like it the way it is now


Like skates said hopefully it doesnt change too much, sometimes the smallest o things especially the changes above can make a big difference in a gun battle. Excited tho


Heard about this a while ago, hopefully this doesn't change the game too much to where it plays as a completely different game.


Nice updates here. So cool to see DICE constantly updating BF1


I don't play this because I suck at it. Good to see they're constantly improving.


Finally I dont even play BF1 Because
1. The Guns feel not accurate at all and bounce too much.
2. Or Its because i suck bad.
BF3/4 i am great with the aiming and 80% of my shots hit the target. So hopefully this fixes the issue of me sucking so bad and actually can hit targets.


Woo finally, they need to fix some of these things. Especially the melee animations.