This week’s GTA Online bonuses revealed

Rockstar has revealed this week’s lineup of bonuses for Grand Theft Auto Online players.

From now until May 25th, players can earn double GTA$ and RP in Rockstar Created Special Vehicle Races, Rockstar Created Stunt Races, Juggernaut, and Resurrection.

As well as these bonuses, there will be a 25 percent discount on the Hijak Ruston, Progen GP1, Pegassi Infernus Classic, and Grotti Turismo Classic, plus discounted on the following vehicle modifications:

Transmission upgrades
Engine upgrades
Turbo upgrades

Finally, GTA Online players can enjoy 25 percent off all Cunning Stunts clothing until May 25th.

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Not nothing I'm too worried about, wish they were better.


they look pretty average tbh. nothing special


Not really bothered about the discounts, the double RP and $ is nice though


Worst bonuses ive seen, Ive heard the new dlc not being a military dlc but a redneck one everyone hyped up the wrong thing, if this is true then f you R*.


The discounts in LS customs are pointless. Everything is stupidly overlypriced. Why don't you bring out some new benny's veichles. Or clothes or diffrent cars and bikes, reason I stopped playing GTA as much.


It doesnt matter what discount you get, everything in the game is over priced hahaha SP engine 4 upgrade = 7k Online engine 4 upgrade 50k. Stop with useless discounts rockstar. Give the playerbase what they want.


GTA is getting a bit stale for me.


I stopped playing this a long time ago, gets too repetitive and boring. But going by the comments below, these bonuses are a waste of time hahaha.


this is so dumb i just lost braincells from rockstar


Petite "Finally, GTA Online players can enjoy 25 percent off all Cunning Stunts clothing until May 25th." No no no, not finally no one asked for this no one was waiting for this face it all we get anymore thats semi good anymore is cars.. What happened to more heists and SP DLC this is all just a lost cause now :,( R.I.P Gta v online content.

Forreal, i wish they would release some Singleplayer DLC, these discounts do nothing for us mannn :(